Our goal is to provide your pet with as close to a home-like experience as possible: safe, secure, clean, comfortable and stress-free. Each pet receives individual attention in a warm and caring environment. Every member of our staff has met stringent screening standards and possesses a genuine love of animals.

ALL dogs stay in a PRIVATE indoor/outdoor run. If they use a doggy door, they can go in and out at will. If not, we will let them out on a regular schedule throughout the day and evening. We will never split a run or give your pet an unfamiliar roommate. Your dog gets the accommodations you pay for. Oversize runs are available for owners with large or multiple dogs that stay well together. Ask about our multi-dog discount.

Cleanliness & Safety
Pets only stay in clean accommodations. All runs are sanitized daily and sterilized between visitors, then rinsed thoroughly. We follow ABKA guidelines and other accepted industry standards. A professional is on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to see to your pet's well-being.

Snowy winter scene at Highland Kennel, welcoming you in all seasons


Feeding, Playing & Medication if Needed
We feed twice a day and provide treats several times a day (as allowed by your directions). In an unfamiliar environment, your pet may equate food with love and feeding twice a day helps maintain a healthy blood sugar level. We will feed puppies and animals who require more frequent feedings three times a day. We feed from stainless steel bowls; no paper plates here! Since the mid-1980's, we have fed Eagle Pack to our own show dogs and those who visit with us. If your pet requires a certain brand or type of food, we will accommodate those needs, as provided by the owner. Special diets, medications and play time are accommodated.

All pets must be current on vaccinations; no exceptions. We can recommend a veterinarian if needed.

Perhaps the best way to witness our philosophy in action is to see how happy and excited pets are to come visit and stay with us, whether just for grooming, an overnight visit or a full vacation.