Rates are based on afternoon dropoff and morning pickup (just like a hotel stay). Arrangements outside normal check in / check out hours are by strict appointment only and may be subject to additional charges. We always make every effort to reunite you and your pet as quickly as possible.
  DOGS Per Day
Small $28.00
Medium $32.00
Large $36.00
Giant $40.00
Single Night & Daycare (all sizes) $40.00
Multi-dog discount
   Same family only, who
    like to stay together
Up to 50% off

  CATS Per Day
All $22.00
  PLAYTIME Per Session
Private doggy or kitty playtime, one-on-one with a member of our team, allowing your dog or cat to stretch their limbs, play fetch or enjoy the great outdoors (dogs) and bond with humans.

15 minutes $10.00
  MEDICATION Per Administering
Pill $1
Drops (ears, eyes, nose) $1
Spray $1
Ointment $1
Injection $5
  GROOMING Per Session
Available with or without boarding
Grooming (includes full bath) $38 and up; inquire for rates
Bathing (includes nail clipping
   and ear cleaning)
$26 and up
Nail clipping $12 for most breeds
Ear cleaning $8 for most breeds
Monthly rates available
Daily rates available, aka Doggy Daycare
Military discount available
Holiday premiums for most national holidays apply depending on stay dates
we gladly accept